Activating the “Caesar” Law to besiege Syria and strike Russian interests in it

The US Senate approved the “Caesar” law, which allows the United States to impose sanctions on anyone who supports the Syrian government, including Russia and Iran, so how will Moscow face this law?

In an interview with our radio station, political analyst Muhannad Al Daher confirmed that “Cesar” won’t stop Syria’s cooperation with the allies and will not affect the contracts signed between the two parties and that the recovery of the Syrian economy will begin in the sixth month of the year

Congress, through its actions, shows hostility to Russia and targeting its interests, not only by the law of “Cesar” but also by imposing sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline “North Stream 2” and the companies contributing to it to prevent the supply of Russian gas to Germany and European Union countries from under the Baltic Sea without crossing Ukraine.

Political analyst Kirill Koktich during an interview with “No Restrictions” commented on the American measures, saying: So far, the sanctions have had no binding effect on Russia to alter its course and approach, and sanctions have become the new normal. Russia has begun to avoid it by switching to non-monetary payments with China and India in national currencies, and as for Europe, it is forced to devise a special settlement system with Iran because of the US sanctions…

The actions of the United States make us believe that the dollar system is facing serious difficulties.