A leader in the SDF heads to Saudi Arabia to sign oil exploration contracts in Deir Al Zour

News from private sources in Eastern Syria reported that the head of the Deir Al Zour Civil Council, which is part of the rankings of the SDF Ghassan Al Youssef, will go to Saudi Arabia within days to sign contracts to explore for oil and invest oil fields in the areas controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces in the eastern countryside of Deir Al Zour.

The sources pointed out that the visit of “Al Youssef” is the culmination of discussions whose contents weren’t disclosed at the time, which came during his visit to Saudi Arabia through Erbil Airport in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The visit was made by the President of the Civil Council and a Kurdish leader who was imposed by the Americans, under pressure on Saudi Arabia, which wants to coordinate only with the Arab tribes in the eastern Syria for this matter.

This coincided with the arrival of experts from the Saudi Aramco oil company to the Omar oil field in the countryside of Deir Al Zour last June (located northwest of the city of Al Mayadeen), and accompanied by American experts, for the purpose of studying the feasibility of oil exploration in the said field, which is one of the largest oil fields in area and production.

Subsequently, American-Saudi meetings were held with the visit of the Saudi minister, “Thamer Al Sabhan”, which included US Deputy Secretary of State “Joel Rapion” and ambassador “William Robak”.

Observers include the Saudi move in the framework of the state of Iranian-Saudi engagement and conflict on the one hand and the developments of Saudi desire to limit the Turkish extension in its Brotherhood dress, as the Syrian East, which has a tribal majority for its community structure of one sectarian color, provides a practical opportunity in possessing strength cards in the face of Iranian influence in Syria and Iraq.

This is concentrated in the Syrian oil wealth in the east and north-east, especially in the governorates of Deir Al Zour and Al Hasakeh and some sites in the province of Raqqa, and is considered the “Omar oil field” located in Deir Al Zour as we have mentioned before the largest fields in Syria along with other fields including Tanak, Ward, Jafra, Al Azbeh and Taim Nishan and other oil fileds, in addition to the “Koniko” gas field, which produces domestic gas and used to cover the largest proportion of the needs of the Syrians before the crisis, and Syria generally includes 20 fields in that region, including 11 under the control of the Syria Democratic Forces, which have the highest and largest productive capacity , according to report Of the US Treasury issued in 2015, was estimated the monthly revenue from the production fields in the control of ISIS was $ 40 million.