Joint naval exercises between Russia and Syria begin in the Mediterranean

The Russian navy and navy of the Syrian Arab Republic started joint exercises in the Mediterranean.

The Russian naval base center, Tartus, told reporters that the selection of the Tartous port as a field for training wasn’t by chance, as Russian warships off the coast of Syria make a significant contribution to combating international terrorism.

The Russian naval base center added, “Russian winged Caliber missiles destroyed terrorist targets in Syria more than once.

The Russian naval base center continued, The Russian Tartus base is the main means of supplying the group of forces in Syria, which creates the need for continuous improvement of the training of ship crews and coastal forces units.

It is for this reason that the eastern part of the Mediterranean has become a common training area.

The Russian naval base center in Tartous, reported that Russian surface ships and planes from the Hmeimim air base, missile boats and minesweepers of the Syrian Navy would participate in the exercises.

As the commander of the drill, Rear Admiral Alexander Yuldachev, stated that the exercises are held against a single operational background, during which many tactical scenes are resolved.

Yuldachev noted: “The tactical groups of ships of the Russian Navy and the Syrian Navy at sea are launching artillery fire and conducting joint exercises.

He stressed that “on the beach, the guard and defense units work to address issues of combating unmanned pilots and combating illegal armed formations”.

According to Yuldachev, the exercises aim to increase interaction between the Russian and Syrian armed forces – to successfully combat illegal armed groups and international terrorism and to enhance cooperation between the two countries.