Warning of a major earthquake that will hit Turkey

The director of the Seismological Research Center in Turkey, Professor Hasan Suzbelier, warned that the current earthquakes are the prelude to a major earthquake awaiting Turkey, noting that the rift region formed by yesterday’s earthquake includes active lines produced by earthquakes measuring 7.2 degrees on the Richter scale.

This came after an earthquake that struck the Turkish province of Balak Asir, on Tuesday night, with a magnitude of 5 on the Richter scale, according to the “Kandilli” seismic observatory.

It was felt by the residents of Istanbul, Izmir and the neighboring western states.

The Turkish professor added, according to what was translated by “The Bridge Left”, quoting Sabah newspaper that during the past month, Albania and the Greek island of Crete witnessed earthquakes of more than 6 degrees noting that the line connecting the two countries represents a large fault line for huge earthquakes.

He continued, saying: “Large earthquakes cause pressure on the region of Anatolia, which in turn leads to the occurrence of other earthquakes in this region, the impact of which may extend to Izmir and Balk prisoner or even the northern parts of Anatolia”.

He also drew attention to the geological nature of Anatolia, indicating that it might witness the occurrence of such earthquakes either at certain time periods or in the form of seismic storms.

Suzbelier stressed the need to prepare a pre-master plan to address the expected earthquakes in the active fault lines in the state of Balak Asir, stressing the importance and priority of prior plans and all measures that reduce the damage of those earthquakes.

It is worth noting that the governorate of Balak Asir witnessed today a new earthquake at 16.15 hours, with a magnitude of 3.7 on the Richter scale, and that no injuries or losses were reported, according to the Turkish Emergency and Disaster Administration, “AFAD”.