The Times of Israel: Netanyahu and Gantz agree to hold a third general election on March 2 in the event that a coalition agreement is not reached at the last minute in the next two days

The Likud and Blue and White parties agreed that the next round of elections will be held on Monday, 2 March 2020, if no coalition agreement is reached at the last minute in the next two days.

According to the “Times of Israel” newspaper: “The Knesset is expected to dissolve itself on Wednesday night, which will confirm the failure of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leader of the “Blue and White” party, Benny Gantz, to form a governing coalition after the inconclusive results of the elections last September.

“If no candidate succeeds in obtaining the support of at least 61 Knesset members out of the 120 members until Wednesday, elections for the third time will be announced in less than a year”, as the newspaper said.