Trump: Syrian oil is in our hands and we will do what we want!

US President Donald Trump said Tuesday that the United States has put oil in Syria under its control and is now able to act as it wants.

After meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in London at the opening of the NATO summit in the British capital, Trump said: “ISIS has tried to maintain control of oil, but now we are in full control.

I would say frankly that in this regard we enjoy the support of so many different people.

In fact, only those who protect oil remain in these Syrian territories.

Oil is in our hands and we can do whatever we want”.

In October, Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from the area of ​​Operation Spring of Peace, launched by Turkey, on October 9, against Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria, but confirmed Washington’s intention to keep oil fields in this part of Syria under its control.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced earlier that the United States is smuggling Syrian oil to other countries under the cover of private US military companies and special forces units.

The US special envoy on Syria, James Jeffrey that the US military presence in Syria is legitimate, pointing out that Washington wants to ensure that the oil fields in the north-east of the country in the hands of terrorists.

Jeffrey, in late November, that “oil, according to the Syrian constitution, is the property of the Syrian people”.