Raid kills key military trainers in Tahrir Al Sham

The leader of Tahrir Al Sham, Abu Ahmed Al Jazaeri, was killed on Tuesday evening in an air strike by an international coalition march that targeted his car with a guided missile inside the town of Atma, north of Idlib, which is located on the Syrian-Turkish border.


According to a media source, a drone belonging to the international coalition targeted the van of Al Jazaeri van with a guided missile inside the town of Atma, the moment he drove his car at five o’clock this evening, which led to his death inside his car without causing any injury.


Al Jazairi is considered one of the most prominent military trainers in HTS.


The source said that the aircraft “MQ-9 Reaper” targeted the driver’s car with a missile “Ninja” American, known as the symbol “R9x”, which is designed to penetrate targets based on 6 sharp blades, without any explosion.


It is noteworthy that the US military started using a rocket “ninja” in October 2016, after it showed the image of the killing of “Abu Faraj Al Masri”, the most prominent legitimates of the “HTS” inside his car and a large hole on the roof, without causing any damage in the vicinity of the car.