Turkish soldiers killed in an explosion in the countryside of Ras Al Ain… SDF commander says his forces will not hand over the towns of Tal Tamr and Ain Issa to the Syrian army

A number of soldiers of the Turkish occupation army and members of their terrorist militias have been killed in a building explosion in their headquarters in Tal Halaf town of Ras Al Ain countryside.

The official news agency SANA said that “a number of Turkish occupation forces and terrorist mercenaries were killed and wounded in an unknown explosion occurred in the veterinary building in the town of Tel Halaf in Ras Al Ain countryside were transferred to Turkey amid a blackout on the incident”.

She pointed out that a violent clash broke out between the terrorist militias occupied Ras Al Ain, which led to the death of a number of its members due to a dispute over the sharing of the loot.

To that day, 20 trucks belonging to the American occupation forces coming from Iraq through the illegal Al Walid corridor entered the areas of their illegal presence in Al Hasakah province loaded with logistical materials.

Meanwhile, the SDF commander Mazloum Abdi said that the towns of Tal Tamr and Ain Issa would not be handed over to the Syrian army or the Russians, stressing that they would remain under the control of his forces.

Mazloum’s remarks came in a special interview published on Saudi Arabia channel, stressing that he has concluded agreements with everyone regarding his areas of control except Turkey, pointing out that “we have a clear agreement with the Syrian army, the Russians and the Americans and the coalition also about their presence, and where they will patrol their patrols”.

Mazloum explained that the Syrian army forces are present at his request from the city of Bab to the Tigris River along the border with Turkey, the task of separating us from the forces supported by Turkey, stressing the conduct of joint patrols between his forces, Russia and America in the areas under his control.

Mazloum stressed that the international road “M4” is completely cut off as part of it is controlled by Turkish-backed forces, explaining that Raqqa is under the control of SDF, and that the towns of Tall Tamr and Ain Issa will defend it until the end.

Mazloum stressed that America has given Turkey the green light to start the process of “spring of peace” and said, “We were clearly told from Trump that the Americans withdrew and opened airspace to Turkey”.

The commander of the SDF militia that he told Washington not to withdraw from Syria because it has an important role to play in the region, stressing that Washington does not have a clear strategy on Syria, and it must have a project like other international powers, according to Mazloum.

Regarding the negotiations with Damascus, Mazloum said that he is demanding political decentralization to manage his areas of control, while accepting the sovereignty of Syria and its constitution, but won’t accept that things will return to what they were before 2011, noting that Russia is playing a positive role in these negotiations and aware that the existence of SDF within the Syrian army will give more strength to it.