What if thousands of rockets fell on Israel!

The former commander of the air force of the IDF, General Zvika Haimovich that the occupation government to prepare for the possibility of receiving an Iranian missile strike in various directions.

“If Iran attacks Israel, it may not target a prominent target, but that is not important if they will attack the chemical facilities in Haifa or a small factory in Kfar Saba”, Zvika told the Jerusalem Post.

“Even if it is carried out from Iraq, it is a declaration of war”.

The general said that Iran would strike Israel from its territory and from Iraq and Lebanon and even from Gaza, and stressed that when this scenario will be inflicted on Israel thousands of missiles that won’t be able to be countered by Israeli deployed air defense systems.

Zvika said in his speech the missile strike on Aramco facilities in eastern Saudi Arabia, for which the Yemeni army claimed responsibility, claiming that it was via Iranian cruise missiles, and that Tehran may target the occupying entity with the same missiles.

Iran has the largest missile arsenal in the region, including missiles with a range of more than 2,000 km.