Trump makes fun of investigations to isolate him and consider it like “chasing witches”!

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday called for an end to congressional hearings as part of an investigation to isolate him, cynically calling them “witch hunt … and offending the country”.

This came in a series of tweets to Trump on the “Twitter”, commenting on the testimony of US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sundland, before the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives, as part of these investigations.

“The witch hunt is over now”, Trump said. Ambassador Sundland asks the US President (I): “What do you want from Ukraine?

I still hear all these different ideas and theories.

What do you want?

It was a very quick conversation.

He wasn’t in a good mood”.

“He (the president) just said… I don’t want anything!

I don’t want anything!

I don’t want a swap!

Tell the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelinsky to do the right thing! ”.

“Later, Ambassador Sundland said I told him“, Well, come on tell the truth!

This witch hunt must end now.

This is very bad for our country”.

The “witch hunt” is a process of persecution and persecution of people in Europe in the Middle Ages and early modern times, where the Catholic Church initially targeted and then Protestant, suspected of practicing witchcraft or sorcery.

“President Donald Trump has sought to use his influence to achieve personal political interests”, Sundland said earlier on Wednesday.

He added that Trump “prepared a scheme to pressure Ukraine to open an investigation concerning his political opponent Joe Biden”.

Biden, a former US Vice President Barack Obama, is the Democratic front-runner to face Republican Trump in the presidential election next year.

He continued: “We’re following the orders of the President”, adding that Trump “led a campaign of pressure on Ukraine, with the participation of US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and Vice President, Mike Pence”.

“There was a clear trade-off to make military aid to Ukraine dependent on President Volodymyr Zelinsky opening an investigation into Biden”, he said.

Democrats say Trump has repeatedly pressed Zelinski to open an investigation into reports that Biden, as Obama’s deputy, had threatened to halt US aid to Kiev if a prosecutor wasn’t fired because he was investigating a gas company affair linked to Biden’s son.

In a telephone conversation July 25 and the White House released its minutes, Trump asked Zielinski to “scrutinize” Biden and his son Hunter.

Trump is the third US president to be targeted by impeachment proceedings, and no president has been fired before.