Anadolu: French military training terrorists in Syria under US cover

French military personnel are still operating in Syria under the cover of US forces in the country, the official Anadolu news agency reported on Tuesday.

The agency quoted sources as saying that about 200 members of the French special forces and military personnel involved in the operations of the international coalition against the Islamic State, currently deployed in four areas in the provinces of Deir Ezzor, Hasaka and Raqqa.

The Anadolu agency that the talk is about the areas under the control of the “People’s Protection Units” Kurdish classified by Ankara as terrorist, where the French military, according to the training of its members.

The agency reported four points in Syria, where the French military stationed in US bases there, namely, the sugar plant in Raqqa, a village in the province of Hasaka, and oil fields “Al Omar” and “Tanak” in the province of Deir Ezzor.

The Agency noted that despite criticism by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, to the United States, and his statements about the injury of NATO “brain death”, the close cooperation between the military of the two countries in Syria continues.

Between 500 and 600 US troops remain in Syria, according to the Pentagon’s official data, after US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from the country after Turkey launched its operation against Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria in early October.

The United States announced that these forces are stationed in areas of oil fields in eastern Syria to help the Kurds secure.