Turkish President unveils offer to share Syria ‘s oil

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has revealed that Turkey has received an offer to share oil resources in Syria, but his country has refused to do so because of its “interest in man”.

“Some foreign powers plan to share oil in Syria”, Erdogan said in a speech on Monday at the opening of an international ombudsmen conference in Istanbul.

Erdogan added: “Turkey has received an offer to participate in this process, but Ankara rejected this proposal, saying that its concern is not in resources but in saving people”.

He continued: “Although many countries without hesitation, based on their oil and political interests, armed alliances with terrorist organizations, but we continue to adhere to our generous position on this issue, and for this reason we cannot avoid being slandered”.

He pointed out that his country’s forces “not only to remove terrorist organizations from the borders of the country, but working to dry up the sources of terrorism wherever they exist”.

He added that Turkey’s efforts in combating terrorist organizations serve not only the security of the country but the international community as a whole.

These statements come at a time when the United States is working to strengthen its positions in the oil fields in northeastern Syria, especially in Deir Ezor, where it is establishing new military bases.

US President Donald Trump confirmed earlier that he had given instructions to maintain control of his country’s oil control in the region despite his decision to start withdrawing US troops from the country, effective October 9.

The Pentagon said that the withdrawal of US troops would involve about 1,000 people out of about 2,200, stressing that groups of military personnel to ensure control of the Syrian oil fields, which were extracted in the war on ISIS, are currently benefiting, according to US backed Syria Democratic Forces, which is the United States ally on the Syrian ground, which is considered as terrorist organization, according to Ankara.