After the acquisition of French Rafale fighter jets … Egypt is moving to buy Russian Sukhoi to get rid of the US F16

The United States has threatened Egypt with sanctions if it acquires Russian Sukhoi 35 fighter jets.

Washington fears the loss of its global fighter market since the 1950s to this day.

This threatens to repeat the scenario of Turkey and the United States against the backdrop of missiles “S400”.

The Wall Street Journal reported how Washington would threaten Cairo with economic and military sanctions if it signed a deal with Russia to buy Sukhoi 35 fighter jets.

Since President Sadat’s reign, the United States has provided Egypt with facilities to acquire US fighter jets.

Egypt has the largest fleets of F16 fighter jets with Turkey and Israel, but has begun to change its strategy.

Most F16 fighter jets are from the second and third versions despite the modernization that they are subjected to from time to time.

The Egyptian F16 remains below the level of its Turkish and Israeli air force junk, which is not capable of attacking, for example, the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, which threatens Egypt’s share of the Nile waters.

Egypt wants to modernize its fleet, it bought two squadrons of French fighter “Rafal” two years ago, which is much better than the “F16”, and reached advanced versions almost equivalent to the copies adopted by the French Air Force, and now it wants to acquire “Sukhoi 35” after securing Be sold by Moscow first-class fighter jets.

In the face of the Egyptian approach, the United States is lifting the sanctions sword, a strange position because Egypt, unlike Turkey, is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Washington has imposed sanctions on Turkey for buying the Russian defense system S400, and Washington is betting on sanctions to prevent Russia from taking over the fighter market in the future, a market that it dominated for decades and is now losing it and wants to control it with sanctions.