The Daily Telegraph: Russia’s new evil empire

The Daily Telegraph published an article written by con Coughlin that Europe was divided and couldn’t resist before the new evil empire, which he saw as Russia.

He says the unity of Western countries in the past allowed them to topple the Soviet Union, but they are not united today about Russia.

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, which hastened the collapse of the Soviet Union, Europeans are commemorating this historic event and knowing that it has not eroded the Kremlin’s ability to negatively affect their lives.

Relations between Russia and the West are no longer as hostile as they were during the Cold War, but not much better, as Mikhail Gorbachev, under whom the Berlin Wall fell, told the BBC this week if he said it had calmed down but it was still a war.

Gorbachev specifically warned of a new arms race between Russia and the West that could threaten the entire planet, calling for the destruction of nuclear weapons in order to protect ourselves and the Earth.

The writer says that Gorbachev hesitated to determine who is responsible for this tension, perhaps because he does not want to anger Vladimir Putin, who provoked a crisis because of his insistence on the development of a new generation of ballistic missiles.

He adds that Russia under Putin has developed its capabilities, and is resorting to technology to launch cyber-attacks or campaigns on social networking sites.

Allegations about Moscow’s involvement in the killing of a Chechen dissident in Germany in September confirm that the Kremlin has no qualms about using Cold War tactics, but the problem is that Europe today is not united to meet these challenges.