Russia’s has intention to rent the airport in Qamishli

Russian aviation magazine, Avia Pro, claimed that Moscow is studying the lease the airport in Qamishli in northeastern Syria for 49 years.

This comes, a few days after the Russian forces control the resort of the “agricultural club” near the airport, to take the headquarters of its troops there.

It wasn’t the same move that surprised observers, but the proximity of the airport in Qamishli to US bases in the same area, as well as the proximity of the Turkish border, which raised questions about Russia’s objectives of control of this airport.

Russia with this intention has several objectives behind the control of Qamishli International Airport, most notably the tightening of its economic and political control over the northeastern region of Syria, a region rich in oil and grains, which Russia needs to activate its investments in Syria, as the port of Tartous.

The deterioration of the Syrian road network between East and West due to the war, as well as the presence of ISIS remnants in sections of land roads, make airports of great importance in moving between Syrian geography.

Politically, the proximity of the airport to Iraq and Turkey, as well as to US bases, makes it a vital station for Russia, which is looking forward to a long stay in Syria.

There are Russian accounts related to the struggle for influence with the United States or with Turkey, behind the control of the airport, as Moscow isn’t Bored of entering into a conflict with Washington and Ankara, but it benefits from it, as a guarantor of the Syrian regime, and prevent For a clash.

However this doesn’t mean that Russia has an interest in showing itself a player in files of a regional dimension.

On the other hand, Turkey won’t oppose Russia’s control of the airport in Qamishli, given the strong alliance between them, as the exception of the Sochi agreement, to Qamishli from conducting joint Turkish-Russian patrols, perhaps could be one of the signs.

In general Qamishli is essentially outside the scope of Turkey’s work, so Turkey doesn’t mind the presence of Russia in them, rather than the presence of the Syrian army, or the presence of SDF, which Turkey accuses of terrorism.’

It is noteworthy that the Syrian army retained control of Qamishli airport, along with a security center area inside the city center, which shares control with the Syria Democratic Forces “SDF”.