Commander of the SDF: We have two conditions to agree with the Syrian regime!

The commander of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), Mazloum Abdi, has set two conditions for reaching an agreement with the Syrian regime.

In an interview with Kurdish media Network, he said: “In order to reach an agreement with the regime, we have two prerequisites.

Or we can say that it has its own specificity within the general protection system of Syria”.

He revealed that “the government of the Syrian regime wants these forces to join the army in the form of individuals, people and leaders, and for our part cannot be accepted in this way”.

“It’s not the job of the government of the Syrian regime to force Turkey to stop (its activity in northern Syria) … and to come to the border area is political, not military”, he said.

And about the US presence in oil well areas, Abdi said that “everyone knows that America doesn’t need oil.

They say they don’t want this oil to fall into the hands of ISIS and the Syrian regime or other forces, and the Americans should stay here until they are part of that balance”.