Trump: We will keep and distribute Syrian oil

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday his intention to retain and distribute oil in areas east of the Euphrates in northern Syria.

In a speech to his supporters in Mississippi, in the south of the United States, Trump renewed his intention not to engage in battles on the Syrian-Turkish border.

“We’ll distribute the oil, we’ll help the Kurds and other people, and we’ll help ourselves if  you don’t mind”, he said.

“America is winning again and being respected the world again.

As we create jobs and kill terrorists, the Democratic Party has become completely mad”, Trump said.

US President Donald Trump said Friday that he has good relations with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Asked whether President Erdogan would visit the United States on November 13, Trump said: “We’ve good relations with President Erdogan and the agreement we recently signed on Syria is very well implemented.”