The former director of the Trump presidential campaign in 2016 says that Ukraine is responsible for penetrating the Democratic Party

A senior adviser to Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign said that Ukraine, not Russia, is responsible for an electronic penetration of the Democratic Party, according to documents released Saturday by the US Justice Department.

According to testimony given to the FBI by Rick Gates, the former assistant director of the Trump campaign, then campaign manager Paul Manafort was telling his aides that the Democratic Party’s e-mail hacking was “probably the work of the Ukrainians, not the Russians”.

According to testimony, Trump campaign officials said they were convinced that Kiev had managed to get Russia to blame.

In July 2016, Wikileaks began posting thousands of Democratic Party emails.

The CIA later said the letters were obtained through Ross’s spies and were then sent to WikiLeaks.

Documents published on Saturday also show that Trump, his top advisers, and family members have repeatedly discussed how to seize the emails WikiLeaks obtained.

The isolation mechanism threatening US President Donald Trump intensified on Thursday as the House of Representatives voted on decisive action that would open a new stage in the investigation of the Ukrainian scandal, authorizing cross-examination of witnesses.

Immediately after the vote, Trump denounced Twitter as “the biggest political hunt in American history”.

On September 24, House Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided to take her party through the perilous “isolation mechanism” after disclosing information about Trump’s telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky over the summer.

During the call, Bush asked his counterpart to investigate his Democratic opponent Joe Biden and the work of his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine.