5 points raise ambiguity about Baghdadi’s liquidation

US President Donald Trump said in a speech on Sunday (October 27th) that the leader of the Islamic State terrorist group, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, was killed in a special operation by US forces in the Syrian city of Idlib.

“A large number of Al Baghdadi’s comrades were killed”, he said, adding that “no US troops were killed in the operation”.

But a number of experts question the credibility of what the US president said, relying on a number of points, and that what he announced at this particular time is to increase his electoral popularity.

According to Vladimir Shapovalvo, deputy of the Moscow Institute of History and Politics at Moscow State University, the timing of the announcement is at a time when America is losing its military presence in the region and abandoning its Kurdish allies while trying to show it is fighting terrorism, but five salient points prove that The process may be counterfeit, namely:

The first reason: helicopters won’t fly unnoticed

More than a million people live in Idlib, and the operation took place 5 kilometers from the Turkish border where the Turkish observation post is located, while the Americans have spoken that they didn’t tell the Turks about their operation, which could prompt the existing Turkish army to open fire on these planes, In addition, the terrorists will not receive the planes as they come to kill their leader.

According to reports about the location of Al Baghdadi’s fortification, he is in a fortified area and protected by hundreds of men.

The second reason: explosive vest on him and his wife.

According to the American source, Al Baghdadi blew himself up with his wife using explosive vests, and the question is why?

Al Baghdadi can escape.

He knows the area well and has hundreds of his guards there.

He can also use the tunnels he has built underground.

According to the American version, Al Baghdadi and his wife blew themselves up, “This is nonsense”, said Shapovalvo.

The third reason: how Americans knew about the suicide vests.

According to the American version, Al Baghdadi and his accomplices blew themselves up using three explosive vests, and the US soldiers involved in the operation were unharmed.

The US command confirmed the operation without casualties as if they had seen the terrorist killed in their own eyes, much like video games.

Reason 4: Why the area was bombed by air

The US military said it had bombed the area from the air after the operation ended, so that it wouldn’t become a place of worship for its supporters.

The question here is why the area is bombed after the operation ends when they had earlier?

Experts believe that the United States has done so as to conceal the effects of Baghdadi’s DNA so that it won’t be identified, if he dies, at a time when there are no clear reasons for such bombing.

The fifth reason: where the video recording of the process

The Delta unit is an elite unit of the US Army.

All its operations are documented and recorded with special cameras for use at the Pentagon for analysis and discussion.

In other words, Al Baghdadi’s liquidation should have been filmed for presentation to the US president.

Video recording of this unit’s work is mandatory in order to obtain information and to provide a report based on what was filmed.

“If this recording isn’t there, everything is 100 percent fake”.