Syrian air defenses confront drones fired by armed groups in the vicinity of Hmeimim base in Latakia countryside

Latakia media sources said on Thursday evening that the anti-air defense forces responsible for protecting the Russian base of Hmeimim in Latakia countryside confronted the drones that tried to approach the base.

It quoted a source at the base of Hmeimim as saying, “drones fired by armed groups deployed in the northeastern countryside of Latakia and western Idlib countryside, tried to approach the Russian military base in Hmeimim”, according to Russian news Sputnik agency.

The source added, “The anti-air defense confronted these aircraft and shot down, and prevented them from reaching their targets without causing any damage to the places of crash”.

In recent months, the terrorist organization Al Nusra Front and the Islamic Turkistan Party have received several shipments of drones by merchants transporting them to Idlib via Turkish territory, where the armed organizations have undergone modifications by experts of different nationalities.

Turkish, Chechen, Moroccan, Belgian and others”, in the premises equipped for this purpose, in order to enable the marches to carry larger quantities of explosives, and to isolate them to become invisible to radars, in addition to technological adjustments that enable the marches to reach specific targets, without remote control operations distance.

Together with Chechen and Uzbek fighters, the Turkestan Chinese are the most prominent fighters of the so-called “Syrian Revolution” and have played a major role in controlling military installations in north and northwestern Syria, where they have taken their western settlements from Idlib and northern Latakia with their families who allegedly migrated with them.

They chose this region because of the presence of many villages and towns whose families owe allegiance to the Ottoman Empire on the basis of their Turkmen roots, as well as Turkistan.

The Islamic Party of Turkestan in the Levant is known for its ideological proximity to the terrorist organization of HTS (Hayaat Tahrir Al Saham) formerly known as Al Nusra Front, and its number of elements in Syria is estimated at thousands of fighters whose origins are from the Chinese national minority in Xing Yang, China, and Turkey is the most prominent political supporter, if not the only one.