Syrian Army deployed in Raqqa and Hasakah countryside for the first time in almost six years and clashes continue in Tal Abyad countryside with SDF

For the first time in about six years, Syrian government forces have entered areas in the western countryside of Raqqa and are sending large military reinforcements in Hasaka province.

A source close to the Syrian forces said, “Syrian army units deployed today along the border from the city of Ain Al Arab in the eastern countryside of Aleppo to the villages of March 8, Al Hurriyah, Bandar Khan and Baghdik in the western countryside of Tal Abyad area and are less than 15 kilometers west of the city of Tal Abyad”.

The source told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa, “The army deployed throughout the border areas within the territory of the governorates of Raqqa and Ain Arab and we are within a few tens of meters from the current border with Turkey in the village of 8 March”.

In Tal Abyad countryside, clashes between the Syrian National Army and the Syria Democratic Forces continue

.”Our forces took control today of Abu Kharaza village north of Ain Issa town after clashes with the SDF gunmen who killed and wounded them in artillery shelling on the axes of their movement”, a military commander said.

In eastern Syria, the Syrian army continued to deploy in the northwestern countryside.

“Syrian army units have continued to deploy in the southwestern countryside of Ras Al Ain and have reached the outskirts of the town of Managir, which is controlled by pro-Turkish factions.

Other army units will also be deployed between the towns of Ras Al Ain and Darbasiyah along the border with Turkey”, a Syrian military source said.

“The Syrian National Army claimed of destroying several military vehicles belongs to the Syrian (government) Army during their attempt to advance on a hill road in the vicinity of Ras Al Ain, north of Hasakah”, Yousuf Al Hamoud, spokesman for the National Army, told dpa.

“Clashes also took place today between our forces and SDF gunmen in the vicinity of the villages of Umm Eshba and Marquis on the road to Ras al Ain, Al Derbasiyah”, he said.