US confirms abandoning plans to overthrow Assad

The United States has no plans to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, the US special envoy to the Syrian Arab Republic, James Jeffrey, has said.

Jeffrey said in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Washington “doesn’t negotiate with Assad”, but “part of the negotiations sponsored by the United Nations”, with the support of the US side.

“The idea of ​​the White House doesn’t include the overthrow of Assad”, Jeffrey said.

As a person who “took part in the adventures of changing one or two systems during his career”, Jeffrey stressed that “this situation is a completely different matter”.

At the same time, US Senator Rand Paul said at a hearing on Syria that negotiations with Assad were necessary to end the war.

He called for the world to be considered “black and white”.

“There are things we don’t like in authoritarian regimes… but we deal with them every day”, Paul said.

The senator expressed confidence that “Assad will remain”, so it is necessary “to be open to different possibilities with regard to Assad and negotiations”.