The Syrian President Assad’s visit to the fronts of Idlib

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad on Tuesday visited Syrian army units operating along the lines of fire with armed terrorist groups in Idlib countryside and was briefed on the field situation and military plans to liberate the region.

The timing of this visit amid the development of field events in Syria suggests many political and field messages and indications.

What are these signs?

Advisor to the Prime Minister of Syria Dr. Abdul Qader Azouz spoke about this visit and said that it is not the first visit of President Assad on the front lines of the army forces, and he has previously visited the lines of fire in Homs and Eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian army is full as Homs and Ghouta have returned”.

Azzouz added that “President Assad told the army soldiers that the battle of Idlib is the basis for resolving the chaos and ending terrorism in all of Syria.

He works on psychological motivation, but the war is an appreciation of the military and political situation”.

“The Idlib geographic borders are of central importance in the north of Syria and their restoration has a significant impact on the stability of the security situation in the northern governorates of Syria”, Azzouz said.

“The restoration of Idlib is also necessary to strike Al Qaeda.

President Assad stressed today that the field priority in the next phase will have, especially since the political path of Sochi in the event of clinical death, Erdogan didn’t work on the implementation of his pledges, and the patience of the Syrian state ran out and is in the framework of its endeavor to complete the liberation of the rest of Idlib.

Azzouz stressed that “the visit is of a military and political nature.

The restoration of Idlib, and you cannot bet on the situation there for any Turkish political maneuvers Erdogan used to play on the ropes regarding the situation in Idlib”.

As for the Russian role, Azzouz continued, “The main determinants of the nature of the Russian-Turkish relationship are governed by communication and coordination regarding the containment policy, the Russian side seeks to contain the Turkish in terms of minimizing its harm to Syria.

There is a clear Russian-Turkish disparity with regard to the Syrian file, and the Russian side has many considerations regarding the containment of the Turkish whether through the protection of policy outputs or follow-up, for military action to eliminate terrorists”.

“The visit of President Assad carries political and military messages against Turkish blackmail and procrastination and a clear position that there is no bargaining or conclusion of a deal with regard to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, he said.