Foreign Minister of the Libyan Interim Government: We call on Russia to hold “Sochi Libya” to end the crisis similar to Syria

Libya’s Foreign Minister Abdel Hadi Hawij has called for Russia to play a bigger role in resolving the crisis in his country.

“We’re asking Russia to contribute more to the solution of the Libyan crisis and to have a Sochi-style conference for Syria and that there be Sochi for Libya”, he said in an interview with Sputnik in Sochi on the sidelines of the Russia-Africa summit.

Regarding the Berlin meeting in Germany this month, he said: “Clearly and frankly, any meeting will only succeed if we finish the basic problem, which is not political, but the problem of security, terrorism, arms chaos, illegal militias and immigration, and then we go to a political dialogue and a government of national unity.

Libya for all Libyans, provided that no weapon or mosque is used in political life.

“The international community should solve the Libyan crisis, not manage it, and put in place mechanisms to collect weapons from militias”, he said.

“We first need to solve the security problem and then go to a comprehensive dialogue”.

On the current military operation in Libya, he said: “The operation won’t last much because all Libyans stand behind the army, and he came to liberate the capital and not to rule the Libyans, we will not rule the Libyans by force”.

He regretted the presence of foreign hands that tampered with the security of Libya and provided the outlawed militias with money and weapons.

“We always affirm that we are with a pluralistic civil state with respect to the democracy fund, not the arms fund”, he said.

It is noteworthy that the so-called Libyan National Army has been fighting since April last year against the internationally backed government of national reconciliation based in Tripoli to clear the city of what he calls “terrorists”.