American CIA funded website talks about “hint to assassinate Erdogan!”

The US website Stratfor, a think platform sponsored by the CIA, has published a scandalous article on how to attack cyber-modern vehicles and explained how to attack.

The site attached a picture of Erdogan in his car and around his personal protection and headline the news “Are you ready for cyber-attack on the car?”

The attack was explained in a visual way, and the site said that members of the protection team have a good knowledge of how their vehicles work and protect their boss during his descent and movements, but they may not be aware of the vulnerabilities of the car such as cyber-attacks, especially in the era of technology, which can be carried out an attack simple, and by buying his equipment from stores in a hint that an attack can be carried out by the personal protection of the president and by buying simple tools.

The newspaper added: “It is worth mentioning that after the image provoked wide controversy, the site after the article was published with the image of President Erdogan scanned and replaced another”.