The Guardian: US troops leave Syria under a barrage of insults!

The Guardian published a report by Martin Schuloff entitled “Treason is difficult to overcome: US troops leave Syria under a barrage of insults and throw them with rotten fruits”.

The writer says that the departure of US troops from Syria is quite different from the time I spent on the ground there, when it left and was called with a barrage of insults and fruit rotten.

He adds that the rest of the US troops left Syria yesterday, a disgraceful departure as it passed through the towns that welcomed them four years ago.

He says, Qamishli, the regional capital in northeast Syria that has been the center of cooperation between US forces and Kurdish officials throughout the war against ISIS, has been the least cordial with departing forces.

As American trucks and vehicles passed through the town route to Iraq, a barrage of rotten vegetables and fruit was met, although for several weeks these forces were herders and protectors.

The US convoy of about 100 trucks and armored vehicles was on its way to the border and trucks carrying refugees displaced from the region were on their way to Iraq to escape the violence and panic in the region.

He adds that US troops are leaving on their way to Iraqi Kurdistan before returning to the United States, after President Donald Trump abruptly ended his mission and decided to abandon the Kurdish allies who were at the forefront of the fight against ISIS.

He said Trump said yesterday that his country had never pledged to the Kurds that it would stay in the region for 400 years to protect them.

“People are angry, and they are absolutely right because of the way the US forces left”, Khalil Omar, a shopkeeper in Qamishli, told the newspaper.

They’re angry because they feel they have been deceived and exploited in the past years”.

“We sent our children with them to fight IS, and now they have abandoned us”, Khalil told the paper.

Betrayal is difficult to overcome, and please remember that in the future.

True friends don’t abandon us in difficult times”.