The time line of the 9 days war in Syria!

As the visit of Pence and Pompeo to Ankara took place, The US-Turkish agreement was announced to halt military operations in the east of the Euphrates and the withdrawal of SDF forces within 120 hours.

The agreement may have been far from the Russian eye, as the Russian president spokesman Dmitry Peskov said they were waiting for information from Ankara on the agreement, this doesn’t mean a Turkish anomaly on the tracks of the agreement with the Russians, who also gave a great deal of effort in terms of victory for Erdogan and pressure on the SDF, this scene which gave a very clear picture of Erdogan’s double and running in parallel in the US and Russian lines, and return to the movement balanced me the parties, on the basis that the loss of any party won’t be in Turkey’s interest, as astutely Turkish works to highlight the efforts of both US and Russian in the formulation of consensus.

During the nine-day Turkish operation, here is the timeline:

– US announces withdrawal.

– Turkey started the operation Spring of Peace with the so called Syrian National Army.

– Trump corresponds Erdogan: Don’t be fool, as history will consider you as a devil.

– I’ll destroy Turkey’s economy if it crosses the humanitarian frontier, Trump said.

– Erdogan is a criminal, a terrorist, a murderer and a madman, Damascus said.

– You’ve to think carefully Erdogan and understand Turkey’s concern and fear for its national security, the Russians said.

– We understand Turkey’s right to defend its security and are ready to hold talks between Damascus and Ankara and end their concerns, the Iranians said.

– The European Union is rebelling, denouncing and threatening Erdogan.

– Moscow negotiated SDF, accept the latter and hand over its positions to the Syrian army.

– We’ve no problem in the deployment of the Syrian army and Russian policy is positive, Erdogan said.

– Moscow invites Erdogan to visit.

– US vice president Mike Pence visiting Ankara, and announces the end of Turkish military operations and the withdrawal of SDF within 120 hours.

– There is great news from Ankara and thank you from my heart Erdogan, Trump says.

– Erdogan rightly proved to be a foxy fox who snatched the will to endorse the whole world.

He will answer Putin’s call on November 22 to establish the return of Turkish-Syrian relations to the pre-war, as well as meet Trump’s call next month to maintain Turkish-US relations, ending the story or perhaps the “international consensus play”.

“On the nine-day war in Syria, its only title is: the victors together.