SDF: We’ll withdraw from the border and plan to complete the evacuation from Ras Al Ain on Sunday

A senior Kurdish leader of the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) has confirmed that its troops will withdraw from the border area with Turkey under the agreement between Ankara and Washington.

Redor Khalil told the Associated Press on Saturday that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), known as SDF, would withdraw its fighters from the 120-kilometer border between Ras Al Ain and Tal Abyad, 30 kilometers deep into Syrian territory.

The official pointed out that the withdrawal will begin after Turkey allows the “SDF” to evacuate its fighters and civilians from the besieged city of Ras Al Ain, stressing that the partial evacuation of the city has been on Saturday, after being repeatedly delayed and in coordination with the United States, and there is a plan to complete the evacuation on Sunday if not There happens a new postponement.

This is the first time that the SDF announced the withdrawal of its troops from the border, under the US-Turkish agreement to stop fighting between the parties to the conflict for five days to allow the SDF to withdraw from the border, without specifying the exit area.

The commander of the SDF forces, Mazloum Kobani, accused Turkey yesterday of preventing the evacuation of Kurdish fighters from the besieged Arab eye.