Trump signed an executive order granting US officials wide powers to impose sanctions on Turkey, while Turkey threatening to reciprocate, and Russia blocked UN Security Council draft resolution on Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order giving US officials broad powers to impose sanctions on Turkey, the US Treasury Department said Friday.

Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said Trump had authorized US officials to draft a new “very big” sanctions against Turkey after it launched an offensive in northeastern Syria.

Steven Mnuchin said the sanctions would not be implemented at the moment.

Earlier, the Treasury Department said in a statement on its official website, “Given Turkey’s ongoing military offensive in northeastern Syria, President Donald Trump intends to sign an executive order to deter Turkey from further offensive military action, including but not limited to indiscriminate targeting.

Targeting civilians, targeting civilian infrastructure, targeting ethnic or religious minorities, or other actions that undermine the ongoing counter-terrorism activities of the SDF.

It noted in the statement that it is essential that Turkey not allow one ISIS fighter to escape.

Under the direction of Trump, the minister will “target specific Turkish individuals or departments as needed,” statement said.

“This statement is a notification to banks and other parties to be aware of possible actions”.

For its part, Turkey stressed that it would reciprocate any possible US sanctions against it against the backdrop of a military operation “spring of peace” northeast of Syria to pursue terrorist organizations and achieve stability and security in the region.

This came in a statement issued by Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hami Aksoy, on Friday, in which he pointed out that his country informed the US administration at all levels about the launch of the operation “spring of peace” against terrorist organizations east of the Euphrates.

He also explained that a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry by informing the world public, on the objectives of the process and framework.

“Turkey is fighting terrorist organizations that pose a threat to its national security, and this struggle will continue firmly.

No one should doubt that we’ll reciprocate any step taken against our country in the context of reciprocity”.

On Friday, Russia delayed a joint UN Security Council statement calling for a halt to the “spring of peace” operation being carried out by Turkey in northern Syria.

This came according to the correspondent ofth Turkish news agency Anadolu, which received a copy of the text of the draft statement prepared by the United States, and calls for “stop” the process and “remove security concerns for Turkey through diplomatic means”.

The text of the draft presented by Washington to the members of the Security Council, expressed “concern about the military operation launched by Turkey and the humanitarian and security dimensions it will cause, and the possibility of harming the significant progress made in the fight against ISIS”.

The text stressed the need for the return of Syrian refugees to their country “in a safe and voluntary manner and within the framework of international humanitarian law”, calling on all parties concerned to protect civilians and ensure the delivery of humanitarian assistance “unhindered, safe and sustainable”.

The text also stressed Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, noting that its crisis could be resolved by implementing Security Council resolution 2254 (issued by the UN Security Council on counter-terrorism in Syria), not by military means.

In order for the UN Security Council to issue a joint statement, all 15 of its members must agree.