The latest developments of the Turkish military operation in northern Syria

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that the “Spring of Peace” forces took control of the northern Syrian town of Ras Al Ain.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said via Twitter that the town of Ras Al Ain east of the Euphrates was under control as a result of successful operations carried out in the framework of the operation “spring of peace” launched by Turkey on Wednesday against Kurdish units in northern Syria.

For its part, the “SDF” denied the authenticity of this announcement, noting that they managed after fierce fights to counter attack the Turkish army and its allies.

Kurdish sources said that the forces of the “SDF” killed 18 gunmen from the pro-Turkish factions and captured three others, and destroyed a vehicle loaded with a machine gun “Doshka” and an enemy armor.

This comes amid reports of renewed Turkish aerial and missile shelling on the city of Al Qamishli and a number of Syrian border towns and villages, and the continuation of fierce battles between the forces of “spring of peace” and “Syria Democratic Forces”, on the western axes of the town of Tal Abyad in the countryside of Raqqa, and the periphery and outskirts of Ras Al Ain Countryside of Al Hasakah.

The Syrian opposition forces have quoted a spokesman for the Syrian National Army Major Yousuf Al Hamoud as saying that the forces of the Syrian national army and Turkish army managed to make significant progress in the process by controlling several towns on the axes of Tall Abyad and Ras Al Ain.

He explained that the participating forces took control of the villages of Muharbel and Halawa in Tal Abyad countryside north of Raqqa, and the towns of Tal Halaf and Asfar Najjar and the surrounding silos in the countryside of Ras Al Ain north of Hasakah.

Opposition sources said that as the forces of the “spring of peace” from the eastern and western sides of Ras Al Ain became the town “around the corner to liberate from the SDF militia”, before the Turkish army announced today the control of Ras Al Ain.

On the other hand, the Kurdish agency Hewar pointed out that the “Turkish army” and its “mercenaries” “tried to penetrate towards Umm Hujaira village east of Ras Al Ain and towards the village of Um Al Khair in the town of Safah in its southeast countryside and in the village of Qashto, west of Ras Al Ain, as the SDF forces confronted them and failed their attempts.

SDF also responded to the Turkish army’s attempt to penetrate the village of Al Yabseh, west of Tel Abyad, where violent clashes erupted at the entrance of the village in conjunction with Turkish aerial bombardment.

In the Ayn Al Arab (Kobani) axis, SDF responded to Turkish shelling of nearby villages by targeting fire sources as part of its right to legitimate defense, Hawar channel said.

For its part, the Turkish Defense Ministry admitted in a statement on Friday that “25 of its border posts came under fire from the terrorist organization “PKK / YBK”, from northern Syria”.

According to the Syrian Observatory, at least 12 Turkish border guards were killed and injured during heavy weapons clashes with the SDF on the outskirts of the Turkish-Syrian border in the Ain Al Arab (Kobani) region.

In a remarkable development, the so-called “Syrian National Army” announced that its forces had been able to control the international highway Aleppo – Al Hasakah completely, and cut off the supply routes for the “Syria Democratic Forces”.

“SDF” denied this and said in a statement: “A group of mercenaries of the Turkish army infiltrated the international road.., Immediately, units of our forces moved and engaged them and chased them and were removed from the international road”, stressing that “the road is now open and locked, which is fully Under the control of the SDF”.

Media reports indicated that the number of casualties among the warring parties east of the Euphrates, rose to 60 members of the “Syria Democratic Forces”, compared with 42 fighters among the factions loyal to Turkey.

The Observatory put the death toll of Turkish soldiers at 6, while Turkey has admitted killing four of its soldiers.

According to Kurdish sources, at least 14 members of the Syrian factions were killed yesterday in clashes in the industrial zone east of Ras Al Ain, in addition to about 40 others in the battles of Tal Abyad.

For its part, the Turkish defense announced this morning that the death toll of Kurdish units since the launch of the operation “spring of peace” to 415, after it had reached 399, according to a statement on Friday evening.

As for the civilian death toll, Hewar said 6 people were killed and 12 wounded in the Turkish bombardment of cities and towns in northeastern Syria on Friday, bringing the death toll to 14 and 46 wounded among civilians during the past three days, according to the Kurdish Red Crescent.

In Turkey, the death toll of the mortar bombings by Kurdish units on the Turkish border town of Sorog rose to three today after two people were reported killed and two others injured in the incident.

This came after the killing of eight people and wounding 35 others, in the Kurdish forces targeting the Turkish border town of Nusaybin with rockets and mortar shells on Friday, in an incident denied “SDF” responsibility, hinting in an official statement that the bombing may be the mastermind of Turkish intelligence agents and the aim of fabrication An argument for Ankara to intervene in Syria.