In an interview with the RT Arabic… Putin stresses the need for the withdrawal of all illegal foreign forces Syrian territory

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stressed that all illegal foreign forces must leave Syrian territory.

Speaking to the RT Arabic channel, Putin stressed that Russian troops in Syria at the request of Damascus would withdraw from Syrian territory as the legitimate future leadership of Syria said it no longer needed them.

Anyone who is in the territory of any State illegally, in this case in the Syrian Arab Republic, must leave this area. This generally applies to all states.

If the future leadership, the legitimate leadership of Syria, would say that it no longer needs the presence of the Russian armed forces, this is of course also true of the Russian Federation.

Today we’re discussing this issue quite frankly with all our partners: with the Iranians and with the Turks.

We’ve repeatedly talked about it to our American partners.

As I tell you now, I spoke frankly with my colleagues: Syria’s territory must be liberated from a foreign military presence.

The territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic must be fully restored.