A Russian military police patrol is targeted by two explosive devices in Daraa

The Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria announced that militants targeted a Russian military police patrol with two explosive devices in southern Syria.

The head of the Russian reconciliation center, Major-General Alexei Pachin, told a news conference on Friday that an improvised explosive device was detonated on the road of the Russian military police patrol in the Syrian province of Daraa at 10:25 am local time, Friday.

He added that after 20 minutes was detonated another explosive device, in conjunction with the arrival of a team of Syrian security services to the scene.

Pachin stressed that there were no casualties or injuries among the Russian military, and that two members of the Syrian security forces were slightly injured.

It is not the first such incident to target the Russian patrol in Syria, it was preceded by several similar incidents in several regions, and preceded by a similar incident of the Russian patrol in Daraa several months ago.

The security situation in Daraa continues to witness cases of repeated targeting and assassinations, both in the ranks of Syrian security and military elements, in addition to the targeting and assassination of figures in armed groups that have agreed to reconciliation and joined the Syrian government forces, in addition to the assassination of many local personalities in Daraa who had roles in reconciliation Which took place in Daraa governorate, under which the province was fully restored and returned under Syrian government control.