US Staff: Ankara and Washington continue to implement the security mechanism east of the Euphrates and the two sides plan for more patrols in the coming days

The spokesman for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Patrick Ridder, said that his country and Turkey continue to implement the security mechanism in northern Syria, and that the two countries continue to make progress in this regard.

Ridder made the remarks at a joint news conference with Pentagon spokesman Jonathon Hoffman in response to questions about Turkey’s possible military operation in northeastern Syria, owing to its unmet demands.

The Turkish and US forces have so far conducted seven air patrols and two ground patrols in areas east of the Euphrates, and the two sides are planning more patrols in the coming days.

He pointed out that the organization “PKK / YPK” continues to remove its positions in the region, pointing out that Ankara and Washington are also cooperating to prevent the emergence of the Islamic State in the region.

He continued: “The American side believes that the way to success, is to continue dialogue and coordinated action between Ankara and Washington”.

In response to a question by the Turkish Anadolu reporter on the date of the departure of the “PKK/YPK” forces from all areas east of the Euphrates, Ridder said: a development that needs to be revealed in the future.

Two days ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said about the upcoming Turkish operation in the east of the Euphrates: “We can no longer wait for a day, and we have no choice but to continue on our way”.