US newspaper talking about the Turkish military operation in Syria and the possibility of withdrawal of US troops and leave the Kurdish allies to their fate!

US officials are increasingly worried that Turkey may soon launch a military operation against Kurdish protection units in Syria, prompting the Trump administration to deport US troops in the region to avoid conflict, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

US officials said this week they had seen mounting evidence that Turkey was preparing troops to bring them into Syria, a move that could put US troops there at risk.

“It’s a storm, and it’s very ugly, there may be no choice but to leave”, one US official said of the dilemma US policymakers might face in the coming days.

Turkey could choose to send a small force, which would not be met by a Kurdish response, but if it decides to launch a major incursion using heavy weapons, US forces will have no choice but to pull its more than 1,000 troops out of Syria.

To avoid any potential conflict with its NATO ally, Turkey.

US officials said they had concerns about withdrawing troops from the region and leaving the Kurdish ally to an unknown fate, a move that would send a pessimistic message about America’s commitment to its allies.

After expressing growing concern about the recent Turkish moves, the officials stressed that any Turkish action may be notified to the US warning / notification less than 48 hours before it occurs, due to the decline of Turkish confidence in the US government.