Suspension of Doctors leave and bringing doctors from major cities… more Turkish equipment heading for the anticipating operation in Syria

Ankara has sent doctors to two southern provinces and canceled doctors’ licenses in preparation for a possible incursion into northern Syria, Turkish security sources said.

Doctors from major cities were sent to the provinces of Sanlıurfa and Mardin in preparation for a possible Turkish incursion, a security source told Reuters.

“Doctors leave has been suspended to prepare for a possible cross-border operation.

We’ve been preparing for a long time”, a senior security official said.

“Now we’ve reached a stage where the operation can be carried out at any time that seems necessary”.

The source added that “President Erdogan clearly talked about Turkey’s concern about the presence of the Democratic Union Party and the YPG on the border with Syria, and pointed to a possible military operation if no progress in the second half of September”.