Sen. Graham: “We rely on Erdogan to prevent Assad from military decisiveness”

US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on Sunday that Turkey is contributing to not allowing President Assad to make military decisions on the ground.

Graham said in a statement to Anatolia, he discussed with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, developments in Syria, on Sunday, during the Turkish president, him at his residence in New York.

He stressed the US senator by saying: “It is indispensable to Turkey’s contribution to maintaining the territorial integrity of Syria and the fight against the Islamic State terrorist organization in northeastern Syria, and not to allow Assad military discount on the ground”.

Graham added: “Most importantly, Turkey is preventing the killing of 4 million people in Idlib, and I am optimistic about establishing a deeper strategic relationship with Turkey is very important”.

He continued that “Turkey is not only important to us in the Syrian file, but is an important ally to the rest of the region”.

The meeting was held away from the media at the Peninsula Hotel on the sidelines of Erdogan’s participation in the 74th session of the UN General Assembly.