James Jeffrey: We’ll not allow Assad to recover areas of northeast Syria!

The US envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, said that, the United States will not allow the Syrian army to recover the areas under the control of “self-management” northeast of Syria.

In an interview with the newspaper “The Defense Post”, Jeffrey said that the United States has prevented the Syrian army and its allies from incursions in areas of northeastern Syria, which are under the control of the Kurds, and will continue to do so, he said.

“We’ve taken all necessary means to prevent the incursion of the Syrian army (northeastern Syria), and we’ll continue to do so”.

The US envoy to Syria pointed to the need for a ceasefire across the Syrian territory under UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

“No party to the Syrian conflict should try to seize more territory, including President Assad”, he said.

On the situation in Idlib, James Jeffrey told the US newspaper that the extremist organizations should be eliminated in northwestern Syria, calling on Turkey to strike against the HTS (Al Nusra Front) operating in Idlib.

Jeffrey claimed that the Syrian army and Russia cited the presence of terrorists in Idlib in order to launch a military campaign to reclaim territory from opposition factions, endangering the lives of more than three million civilians, and led to the displacement of more than 500 thousand people.

He said his country would respond by extending the sanctions with the cooperation of the European Union countries.

The US envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, who took office on August 17, 2018, considered Syria an “economic dead” country, but stressed that the United States away from the change of Syrian authority, as that task falls on the Syrian people in accordance with a process managed by the United Nations United, he said.