The Times: Trump needs Putin’s help

US President Donald Trump needs the help of his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to succeed in foreign policy, according to an article by The Times.

“My experience of covering prisoner exchanges in 15 years shows me that Russia is always the winner in this case,” says the British journalist Roger Boyes, the article author.

“We’re witnessing another operation this month involving 35 Ukrainians, including a film director and dozens of sailors, against a group of separatists, Vladimir Simakh, the leader of a pro-Russian group in Donetsk, who according the Article responsible of shooting down the Malaysian plane in 2014”.

Roger adds that the Australian and Dutch relatives of the victims of the Malaysian plane would be very angry that Simakh would get away with it and would live the rest of his days with a Russian grant and a pseudonym.

Many Ukrainians will also be angry that his pursuit and imprisonment required considerable efforts.

One soldier was killed in the battalion that captured him when he stepped on a landmine.

Another soldier’s leg was amputated.

Another exchange is now reported involving hundreds of Ukrainian and Russian prisoners.

Roger believes that these moves have reasons, including that Putin is seeking to lift European sanctions on his country under the pressure of internal protests against the ruling party.

But the lifting of sanctions must be accompanied by the normalization of relations between Moscow and Kiev.

Prisoner exchanges require the opening of informal channels and confidence-building between the two Governments.

Putin could help Trump by removing Nicolas Maduro from power in Venezuela, and Trump will emerge victorious and win the votes of Hispanics.

This may soften the regime’s stance in North Korea.

If Trump is named the Nobel Peace Prize 2020, he will sign an arms control agreement with the Kremlin.