The Alternative for Germany party celebrates the amnesty decree issued by the Syrian president and calls for the return of Syrians in Germany to their country

The extreme right-wing alternative party has published a press release on its official website calling for the return of Syrian refugees living in Germany to their homeland.

“On September 14, 2019, the government of the Syrian Arab Republic, led by President Bashar Al Assad, issued a general amnesty by Decree No. 20, which applies to all crimes committed before September 14, 2019”, the party statement said.

“The amnesty issued on September 14 was the first of its kind, covering civilian crimes, and its main purpose is to help Syrian refugees return home”.

“With the general amnesty of 14 September 2019, the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar Al Assad, paves the way for the Syrian refugees to return home”, said Frank Bazaman, deputy treasurer of the Alternative for Germany party and its representative at the Federal Parliament, as well as the head of the Contact Group of the parliamentary bloc with Syria.

The road for hundreds of thousands of refugees to return home, and there is a push for reconstruction, the country is now largely safe, so there is no reason for the Syrians to stay here in Germany, away from their homeland, the reconstruction of the country, which was badly affected by the civil war Now has the highest priority, and this is also evident to the government Under the presidency of President Bashar Al Assad.

For some time now, the Syrian government has been calling on all Syrians who fled the civil war to return to their homeland.

A general amnesty is another sign of Assad’s reconciliation, Federal German government can also contribute greatly to the normalization in Syria and above all to reconstruction.

The important step would be to recognize Bashar Al Assad’s government and resume full diplomatic relations.

“It is incomprehensible that the federal government doesn’t recognize a sovereign state government, which seriously hinders, if not threatens, the rebuilding of Syria, and instead injects large sums into the coffers of terrorists who act as governments and seek to continue the civil war, in Syria”, Bazaman said.

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