Newspaper: Information about Saudi fighter jets bombed an area in Syria

Saudi fighter jets have been involved in targeting Iranian militia positions in the Syrian region of Al Bukamal, with the news of casualties, and destroying weapons depots, rocket launchers, according to the Independent newspaper report on Wednesday.

The newspaper said that the western source information, who declined to be named, said that “Saudi fighter jets have been spotted along with other fighter jets that have changed the installations and sites of Iranian militias, especially those belonging to the Al Quds Force in Albukamal and other areas of the Iraqi-Syrian border, destroying warehouses and missile batteries and weapons depots, as respond to what been said an Iranian involvement of the attack Aramco”.

Media resources reported that unidentified drones overflew the Albukamal area and areas under the control of Iranian militias on Wednesday, and that these sorties appear to be exploratory and to photograph and inspect sites”.

“The International Coalition works recently not only to target ISIS and the rest of this terrorist organization, but also to target groups classified as terrorist.

It is expected that this response, and the Saudi participation may be a warning message after Tehran targeted vital oil installations in the city of Abqaiq and the migration of Khurais Saudi Arabia.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and other sources confirmed that unidentified aircraft targeted Al Bukamal area early Tuesday and destroyed a number of sites belonging to Iranian militias and weapons and missile depots.