US-led coalition forces launch a rocket attack that killed more than forty extremist group leaders in Idlib, news of Al Julani presence at the meeting.

At least 40 members of extremist organizations were killed and others were injured during rocket attacks targeting an Al Qaeda faction in Idlib province.

According to military sources, seven rockets struck on Saturday afternoon a meeting of senior leaders of Al Qaeda’s Huras Al Din and Ansar Al Tawhid faction in the town of Kafr Jallis, southeast of Idlib, where explosions were heard throughout the city.

According to the sources, the site of the meeting was completely destroyed, as was seen the tongues of fire and smoke rising from the area that was targeted, and imposed elements of the organization around the area and didn’t allow entry or exit to the town of Kafr Jallis.

The initial toll indicates that 40 members of the organization were killed, while the identity of the dead has not been disclosed.

The source of the shelling is not known, while military analysts are likely to be a military operation for the international coalition.

Where his fate remains unknown.

On the other hand, the opposition leader in the olive branch supported by Turkey, Mustafa Sejari, said that Abu Muhammad Al Julani, leader of HTS (Jabhat Al Nusra) before two incidents, the first loss in favor of the Syrian army in his campaign in Idlib, or dissolved his group, in a new attack from Ankara-backed forces are known as the Nusra Front.

Sejari tweeted: “Al Julani will be gone same as Al Baghdadi, will leave the Syrian scene after losing the last village in Idlib, or will announce the dissolution of the organization, but it’s after too late, and the truth isn’t that because of him problem, but because of the sides that support and fund him, those who enabled him to control the fate of our people”.

Ankara-backed factions say they haven’t intervened in the Syrian army’s battles in Idlib because of their fear of “Al Julani’s organization stabbing them from the back”, at a time when the loss of the Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (its nucleus victory) in Idlib.

The US Central Command of the Defense department “Pentagon” that US forces dealt a blow to an Al Qaeda facility north of Idlib, in an attack targeting the leadership of the organization.

Central Command spokesman Colonel Earl Brown said in a statement that the attack north of Idlib targeted the leaders of a group called the “Al Qaeda in Syria” and blamed him for “attacks that threaten American citizens, our partners and innocent civilians”, according to the US officer who declined to identify the type of weapons used in the attack.