Turkish President Opens door to refugees … More than 550 refugees arrive at once to Greece from Turkey

An unprecedented number of refugees arrived by boat on one of the Greek islands from Turkey, causing Athens to panic and remind it of the peak “migration to Europe” across the sea in 2014 and 2015 in particular before it eased in 2016 after Turkey concluded an agreement with the EU.

Greek media reported on Friday, that Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias summoned the Turkish ambassador to his country, Burak Ozugergin, in order to convey to him the strong dissatisfaction of Athens against the backdrop of the high frequency of “the flow of migrants from Turkey”, where the flow reached its peak.

With about 550 “migrants” arriving on the Greek island of Levsos from Turkey by boat (13 boats carrying 547 people, including 124 women and 246 children).

The Greek Foreign Minister reminded the Turkish ambassador of Ankara’s commitments and obligations on the issue of stopping the flow of refugees and migrants to Europe, which Turkey signed with the European Union, in return for the latter’s financial contributions estimated billions to help Ankara contain refugees.

The Turkish ambassador confirmed that he would inform the authorities of his country about the latest developments, pointing out that Turkey remains committed to its commitments and that its policy in this regard has not changed.

At the same time she was protesting to the Turkish ambassador, Athens was quick to inform the EU of this development as it concerned “a major issue of European importance in the first place”.

The return of refugees to Greece comes after Ankara has repeatedly signaled that Europe won’t be able to withstand if Turkey decides to open the floodgates.