Russia’s new weapon is able to reach America in 15 minutes

Russia and the United States are the two most powerful countries in the world and have been confronted for a long time, according to the Chinese newspaper “Sina”.

In the last century, the United States and the Soviet Union were in a state of hostility and were trying to outdo each other in all areas, the newspaper said.

The Chinese newspaper added that the Soviet Union launched the first satellite, and the United States immediately needed to land on the moon and “discover the situation”.

The United States built surface ships, and the Soviet Union, which did not want backwardness, created “water weapons”.

To succeed in more areas, the Soviet Union decided to “drill through the ground”.

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, but when everyone thought the enmity with the United States was over, America had a new strong rival – Russia.

Throughout these years, the parties didn’t launch an armed conflict, but they didn’t stop competing secretly with each other.

Russian anti-submarine weapons have always been a “thorn in the throat” of the United States.

Recently, Russia announced the creation of a hypersonic missile, which incredibly frightened the United States, which has settled on its laurels.

As it became known, the Avangard hypersonic missile lift system has high air quality, increasing the length of the high flight.

Upon launch, the accelerator is able to lift the missile to a height of 100 km, after which it enters the stage of free flight.

The average speed of the warhead is about 20 Mach, but it can reach Mach 27, or about 30 thousand kilometers per hour, according to the newspaper.

The newspaper pointed out that if Russia put these missiles in the Kaliningrad region, it could fly to Berlin within two minutes, which means that the enemy will attack before he can launch a missile defense system.

A missile launched from Russia will reach the United States in just 15 minutes.

In addition to the ability to reach high speed, the missile is likely to penetrate enemy defenses, it is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.

When flying at supersonic speeds due to atmospheric friction, warheads can heat up to 1600-2000 ° C.

When creating the Avangard missile system, low-density materials resistant to high temperatures and corrosion were used, for example, composite materials with a metal matrix.

Compared to conventional missiles, the accelerator used in the Avangard is faster and more maneuverable.

The flight path of the missile is more complex than that of a conventional missile, allowing it to pass unnoticed and hitting the target from any direction.

Russia maintains that once the Avangard missile system is in operation, all air defense systems will become ineffective.

The United States has paid much attention to the emergence of this type of weapon in Russia.

After the statement of the Russian side, they actively began to develop retaliatory measures, but, according to American experts, the possibility of intercepting the Avangard missile complex is very small.