Russian media: The United States stole military technology from Russia

The United States often suspects other countries of trying to steal American technology, especially its adversaries.

But in fact, America has repeatedly stolen Russian technology.

The Chinese newspaper Soho wrote an article on how the United States unscrupulously steals the technology of Russia’s military-industrial complex.

It said Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, accused Russia of spending huge money on developing supersonic missiles using stolen technology from the United States.

No evidence was cited, but the Americans have repeatedly used foreign military expertise, including Soviet and Russian, in the arms industry.

The article combines some of these techniques as following:


The F-35:

The newly designed F-35B has the same characteristics as the Soviet Yak-141, including landing and takeoff on short runways, vertical takeoff and landing.

These characteristics were used in the development of the F-35B engine, according to the Chinese newspaper.

Many experts have also noted that there is the same power plant that includes a walking motor and a lift fan.

They point out that the rotary propeller that deviates 95 degrees and provides the plane with a vertical thrust in the F-35B is very similar to the Yak-141 engine.


Sonar theft:

In 2012, the UK published details of the British-American undercover operation Barmead, during which the Royal Navy submarine HMS Conqueror stole the latest Soviet sonar station.

A British submarine stood in the Barents Sea behind a Soviet naval reconnaissance ship disguised as a Polish ship and cut off the tow rope with a special device.

In order not to cause suspicion and indignation, this device behaved very cunningly.

Cutting the rope looked like he cut himself. After seizing the sonar station, the submarine quietly disappeared in the depths.

When Conqueror arrived at the base, the sonar was loaded onto a plane and delivered to the United States.

There it was disassembled to and carefully studied.

The Americans used the information they obtained to develop countermeasures against the newer Soviet sonar, as well as to develop their own sonar.

The whole process was kept secret for 30 years.

It was only published in 2012 in the book “The Secrets of Conqueror: An Untold Story of the Most Famous British Submarine”.


Copying machine guns:

In October 2018, the General Directorate of Special Forces of the Pentagon (SOCOM) announced a competition to create replica copies of the Russian gun.

It was the 7.62mm PKM machine gun and the 12.7mm NKV Otus.

SOCOM has offered awards to those who can detect and improve Russian technology.

One of the conditions is that the manufacturers get the schemes for the machine gun themselves.

But the design of machine guns will be in the USA and only from American pieces and materials.

Rostec has invited Americans to formally apply to Ross-Oboronexport and discuss access to technology.

If not, this would be considered illegal copies of Russian innovations, in the simplest words steal.

Experts believe that the Americans will be equipped with machine guns designed according to Russian schemes of allies in the Middle East and Africa.

In addition, this weapon is useful for special forces that often operate in isolation from the main forces.

It is almost impossible to provide ammunition in such circumstances.


Ejaculation seats in aircraft:

 The Soviet and Russian ejaculation seats of the K-36DM series, developed by NBP “Zvezda”, are one of the best and most reliable seats in the world.

It allows the accidental vehicle to leave immediately in any situation, at speeds from zero to supersonic, at altitudes of up to 25 km.

Russian aircraft MiG-29, Su-27, Su-30, Su-24, Su-34, Tu-160 and other aircraft are equipped with these seats.

On June 8, 1989, thanks to K-36DM, the famous laboratory pilot Anatoly Kvuchur was rescued when the MiG-29 began falling.

He threw himself from an altitude of 80 meters when the plane was moving 90 degrees to the ground and landed safely, and was slightly injured.

The incident aroused intense interest from the Pentagon in the seat.

In 1993, the leading US Air Force research arm Armstrong Laboratory published a 424-page report on the K-36DM.

The document explicitly stated that Soviet innovation greatly outperformed its American counterparts.

In the mid-1990s, a delegation from Washington visited the Zvezda Scientific and Productivity Foundation.

Experts monitored the ejaculation seat tests and assessed the prospects for adapting the K-36DM to US aviation.

But they refused to buy it, arguing that the characteristics of US law did not allow it.

But many characteristics of the K-36DM seat were applied, in subsequent American seats ACES-2.


Supersonic weapons:

The Soviet Union successfully tested supersonic weapons in the 1980s, and the Americans knew nothing about them.

The development of supersonic weapons in Russia is much faster than in the USA.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US theft of Russian weapons technology reached its climax, since many Soviet countries possessed Russian-made weapons, they are easy to obtain, and they just need the means to do so.

At the time, the Americans obtained a large number of Russian weapons from these countries, on the one hand for study, and on the other to learn the military strength of the Russian army.

So It been often seen the use of Russian weapons and equipment in US military exercises.