Jerusalem Post: Libyan reconciliation government gets Israeli drones

The Government of Al Wefaq (Libyan reconciliation government) has acquired three Orbiter 3 UAV tactical aircraft, produced by the Israeli company Aeronautics.

The paper asked how the planes arrived in Libya in the title of the report: “Downing Israeli drones in Libya.. How these drones got there?”

According to reports, the planes are a grant Turkey has given to the Al Wefaq (Libyan reconciliation government), which is fighting to prevent Hafter’s forces from taking control of Tripoli.

The paper pointed to the Libyan army forces belonging to Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter shot down two of these drones.

The drones were shot down at the end of July, the newspaper said.

One was recovered about 40 km southwest of the Libyan capital Tripoli in the small town of Azizia, while the other was found in the Sedra region, home to the largest oil depot in the war-torn country.

The drones have a compact, lightweight system for use by military and internal security officials.

The drones has an operating range of up to 150 km, and can stay up to seven hours in the air in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The newspaper quoted the Israeli company “Aeronautics” manufacturer “Orbiter-3” not aware of the incident of the downing of two copies of its aircraft in Libya.

Since April 4, fighting between Libyan National Army (LNA) forces led by Field Marshal Haftar and forces of the Accord government, led by Faiz Al Sarraj, has left hundreds dead and thousands injured, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).