Iran reveals its possession of high-precision smart bombs of the new generation of the series “Qaim” guidance system and folded wings

Iran said on Tuesday it had sophisticated smart bombs manufactured by experts from defense and electronic industry organizations at the Defense Ministry.

Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Amir Hatimi has unveiled Yassin and Balaban sophisticated smart guided bombs and high-precision smart bombs from the new generation of the Qaim series, the Fars news agency reported.

“The Ministry of Defense will not hesitate for a moment to defend the country despite the malice and intrigue of the Great Satan America and its tails”, Hatimi was quoted as saying.

Hatimi explained that the bomb “Balaban” with wings fordable to increase the range as well as guidance system based on INS & GPS to increase accuracy.

It is also equipped with a “folded wings” mechanism to be installed under the fighter “Karar”.

The target characteristics are identified and transferred before flight to the routing and control group.

After the bomb is fired, the folded wings open and move towards the target with the help of the steering system.

The bomb “Yassin” is a long-range guided capable as a smart bomb at all from a distance of 50 km and directed towards the target and hit.

Hatimi pointed out that one of the most important characteristics of this bomb is the possibility to use it in all weather conditions at night and day and the possibility of installing it on a pilot-less and unmanned aircraft and increase the security and safety of the system and the ability to complete operations in the short and long ranges.