Iran, UAE sign border cooperation agreement

Iran and the United Arab Emirates signed a border cooperation agreement on Thursday, and the two sides agreed to hold meetings to discuss border cooperation every six months.

The agreement came after talks between the commander of the Iranian border guards Brigadier General Qassim Rezaei, Commander of the UAE Coast Guard Brigadier Mohammad Ali Musleh Al Ahbabi and his accompanying delegation in Tehran “to discuss ways to expand diplomatic relations and enhance border security between the two countries”.

Al Ahbabi described the signing of the border cooperation agreement as a positive step to secure the interests of the two countries, which will contribute to enhancing border security, monitoring and facilitating movement through it.

“We’re very pleased to be next to friends of the Iranian border guards”, said the UAE Coast Guard commander.

In turn, Rezai said that the parties decided to hold continuous meetings, and added: “We’ll hold a meeting every six months in one of the border areas at the invitation of one of the parties”.

Rezai praised the joint border cooperation, saying it was “a step to preserve the interests between Iran and the UAE”.