Trump: We’ll not be a policeman in the Strait of Hormuz to protect the ships of Saudi Arabia, China and Japan for free!

US President Donald Trump said the United States would not act as a “policeman” in the Strait of Hormuz to protect rich nations such as China, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

“The United States is fighting for all those countries, and it costs us a lot of money, but some of these countries are very rich”, Trump told students as he spoke about his participation in the G-20 summit.

He added that the United States receives a very small amount of oil across the Strait of Hormuz and Bab Al Mandeb, noting that “all tankers in that region Chinese, and China imports 65% of oil across the Straits, and Japan imports 25%”.

“We have been serving the police for decades to protect all those countries”, he said.

“Why do we play the role of policeman for rich China and rich Japan, and we also play the role of policeman for friendly countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others”, Trump said. But why do we do that? Why are our ships there? ”

“We protect large numbers of people even in situations where we should not do so”, Trump said.

Trump said in his speech that the US military is in a better state than ever.

“We are building armed forces like never before”, Trump said.

We have new missiles and are manufacturing the best equipment in the world … and we are modernizing our nuclear arsenal in an unprecedented way”.

“We hope that we will never have to use them, but we must have them and be ready”.