Boris Johnson is officially becoming Britain’s prime minister preparing to leave the European Union on October 31 “whatever it takes”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised on Wednesday that Brexit would complete the October 31 “no matter what the cost”.

He also promised in a speech to the British government after he was formally assigned to his duties by Queen Elizabeth II, “by a new agreement” with Brussels.

“The Queen received the Honorable Senator Boris Johnson this afternoon and asked him to form a new government”, Buckingham Palace said.

“Mr. Johnson accepted her Majesty’s offer and accepted her appointment as prime minister and First Lord of the Treasury”.

Johnson, 55, a former mayor of London, is controversial because many people like him for his stupidity and optimism, and others criticize him for his populist rhetoric and exaggerated statements during the vote in the Brexit 2016 referendum.

In a speech at the British government headquarters, Johnson reiterated his willingness to leave the EU without an agreement with Brussels, but hinted that this “remains a distant possibility”.

But ending Britain’s 46-year membership would pose a major challenge to Johnson, especially since he has only a slim majority in parliament and faces stiff opposition from within his conservative party.

The EU has repeatedly stressed that it will not renegotiate its exit agreement with Theresa May and has been rejected by the British parliament three times.

With his usual optimism, Johnson said he would find a solution and unite the country.

“We’ll fulfill the people’s repeated promise to the people and get out of the EU on October 31 at whatever cost”, he said.

“The skeptics and the pessimists will make a mistake again”, he said as his friend Carrie Symonds stood with his aides.

“Of course it is very important at the same time that we prepare for the long-term possibility that Brussels will refuse further negotiations and we’re forced to come out without an agreement”, he added.

“I look forward to meeting you to discuss our cooperation in detail”, said European Council President Donald Tusk.

On Tuesday, Conservative members elected Johnson as leader of the party.

He was received by Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday and was appointed prime minister.

His assumption of the post is a culmination of the ambition he has sought throughout his political life.

He has been famous in Britain for decades for his lapses and jokes.

But before he became prime minister, a number of pro-EU ministers resigned because of his threat to leave the bloc without agreement, and the economic consequences it could cause.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbin Johnson called for early elections, saying he was “not authorized by the people”.

Although Johnson won wide support in the race for party leadership.

On Wednesday pulls showed British support for him was only 31 percent.

Although many love him because he refuses to look at things very seriously, others accuse this former journalist of portraying minorities as evil in his articles, and incompetent.

A number of protesters on climate change stopped his motorcade for less than a minute as he headed to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen.

Johnson is expected to announce shortly the formation of his new government.

His first appointment is likely to raise controversy.

He decided to appoint Dominique Cummings, the leading activist in the EU’s 2016 exit campaign, as a key adviser.

A source in Johnson’s campaign team said he would form a government with more women and a record number of ethnic minority politicians.

Sajjad Javed, the son of a family of immigrants and the interior minister of the May government, will take charge of the finance ministry.

The implementation of Brexit is Johnson’s top priority after May’s repeated failure to obtain parliament’s approval of the agreement reached with Brussels, forcing her to postpone the date of departure twice.

In a short speech before his resignation to the Queen, May wished Johnson “all the best”.

“I don’t think so,” one of the opponents of Brexit said.

In addition to Brexit, Johnson faces a problem with his country’s crisis with Tehran over the British authorities’ detention of an Iranian tanker in early July and Iran’s arrest of a UK-flagged ship in the Gulf waters last week.

Johnson is also expected to seek to repair relations with Washington after the dispute over the leak of diplomatic cables critical of the White House.

US President Donald Trump was the first to congratulate Johnson on his party-led victory and said he would be a “great” prime minister as “Trump Britain”.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Wednesday that he would not take part in the new government headed by Boris Johnson after the new conservative prime minister refused to take on a different post.

“It was an honor for me to continue my work … but I understand the need for a new prime minister to choose his team”, Hunt tweeted.