Terrorists in Idlib received 8 US excavators to dig Tunnels

Local sources in Idlib revealed the receipt of formerly known as Al Nusra front (Hayat Tahrir Al Sham) 8 US excavators for digging tunnels.

The diggers arrived at Hayat Tahrir Al Sham a few days ago across the Turkish border, and began digging operations under the supervision of Abdullah Al Muhaysni in the frontiers of Hama and Idlib.

Local sources in Idlib said that the “Editorial Board of the terrorist group in Idlib, brought US origin excavators to dig “medium-sized tunnels” a couple of days ago, across the Turkish border by a Turkish merchant.

The sources added that the staff of the group received eight excavators were distributed to several areas, including Khan Sheikun in the southern Idlib countryside, and Kafr Zeita and Al Latamnah and the plain of Al Ghab in the northern Hama.

The sources revealed that the first official responsible for the digging of trenches and tunnels called Abdullah Al Muhaisni supervises the drilling and fortification operations and the construction of the dams and is supported by a team of engineers from different Arab nationalities, including specialists in construction and geology.

The sources pointed out that Al Muhaysni, in coordination with Hayat Tahrir Al Sham, is imposing monthly fees on some Idlib residents, which are allocated as wages to workers in the excavation and to complete the price of the new diggers distributed in different areas of Idlib and its fronts in the area classified as “demilitarized”.

The sources said that the immunization and decontamination operations are carried out in a similar way to the eastern Ghouta tunnels.

Al Muhayseni also uses the gunmen who were transferred from the eastern Ghouta in the Damascus countryside towards the Syrian north who were supervising and participating in the excavation operations there.